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For Distressed Real Estate and Businesses in Transition

Elliott Bay Asset Solutions’ integrated approach to receivership services leverages our team’s unrivaled expertise and experience in receiverships, real estate, business, and law. Our record of effectively executing receiverships has positioned us as the preferred choice for receivership services in Washington state.

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Unrivaled Expertise in Receivership Services

The Elliott Bay Asset Solutions team are professional receivers with a unique blend of expertise as seasoned attorneys, real estate brokers, and business executives with full profit and loss responsibility experience across a broad range of industries.

Effective Receivership Services, Maximized Returns

We decisively take control of assets, analyze the issues, and implement customized strategies to maximize returns.

Unwavering Commitment to Optimal Results

We dig in and do what’s necessary to secure the most positive outcome possible, putting the receivership estate’s interests first and foremost.

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75 Years of Combined Experience

We bring 75 years of combined experience in managing, negotiating, repositioning, and selling distressed real estate and business ventures to every receivership engagement — and more than 150 years in real estate and business altogether.


We work hard. And our years of experience have provided us with the resources necessary to support even the most difficult projects. We have never resigned due to a lack of funds.

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Receivership Services

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Receivership Services for Distressed Real Estate

With hands-on experience as real estate brokers, developers, lenders and owners, we have handled properties collectively worth billions of dollars. We analyze, preserve, protect, re-position, market, and sell all types of real estate.

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Receivership Services
for Businesses

Our senior business and operations executives have the business acumen cultivated only with extensive real-world experience managing successful businesses of all sizes across a variety of industries.