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Expert Receivership Solutions

Leveraging Decades of Business, Real Estate, and Legal Expertise

Elliott Bay Asset Solutions offers professional receivership solutions that achieve efficient, cost-effective resolution of the project. Every engagement gets the full benefit of our deep expertise in business, real estate and the law.

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Resolving Complex Receivership Challenges Across Washington

A Uniquely Experienced Team

We operate at the intersection of receivership, real estate, business, and law. Our unusual depth of experience provides us with a unique ability to quickly triage whether a receivership is a straightforward matter or a more complex assignment requiring collaboration with external experts.

For those straightforward matters, our deep cross-functional expertise enables us to achieve optimal, cost-effective resolutions, eliminating costly duplication of effort. However, when we take on a complex receivership, we know which external experts to bring into the matter and also have the substantive background to manage their work productively.

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We Understand Receivership Nuances

Every receivership operates within a legal framework that provides a consistent process, yet each receivership presents unique challenges. We understand the legal framework and we also know how to provide creative, entrepreneurial solutions within that framework.

Working productively with parties in conflict to achieve optimal outcomes is the result of listening, counseling, making decisions, sometimes mediating, and always putting the interests of the receivership first.

Affordable, Effective Receivership Solutions

Our team comprises experienced professionals in their respective disciplines, enabling us to provide strategic and creative yet practical solutions, tailored to address the specific issues of the matter at hand.

We are highly experienced at making command decisions in both legal and business environments. We are proactive and thorough, managing straightforward matters internally and quick to bring in and effectively manage external experts when that is the best approach for the receivership.

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What is Receivership?

Receiverships in Washington State, governed by RCW 7.60, serve as a strong alternative to bankruptcy proceedings. Receiverships provide professional asset management, protection, and disposition of distressed real property or business ventures. Receivers, appointed by the court, act as advocates for the interests of creditors and equity holders, ensuring the preservation and potential recovery of assets. Receiverships are typically faster, less contentious, and more cost-effective than bankruptcy proceedings, offering a flexible method for overseeing transitions of distressed assets while safeguarding creditor interests.

Business and Real Estate Receiverships

Business Receiverships

Our business receivership portfolio spans a wide range of industries, including:

  • Consumer products
  • Distributors
  • Event promoters
  • Grocery
  • Law firms
  • Lodging and hospitality
  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Medical clinics and surgery centers
  • Mental health and addiction counseling
  • Pharmacies
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Shipping and logistics
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Real Estate Receiverships

Our real estate receivership solutions portfolio includes a wide variety of property types at all stages of development, from undeveloped to partially constructed to completed.

  • Auto repair facilities
  • Condominium complexes
  • Condominium developments
  • Corporate industrial parks
  • Distribution and warehousing
  • Environmentally-impacted properties
  • Hospitality
  • Hotels
  • Industrial buildings
  • Land entitlement
  • Low-income housing
  • Marina and floating homes
  • Mobile home parks
  • Multi-family complexes
  • Office buildings
  • Recreational land
  • Recreational vehicle parks
  • Resort properties
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Shopping centers
  • Single-family residences
  • Self-storage facilities
  • Student housing
  • Timeshare properties
  • Vacant land
  • Working farms
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